Annual Report


Education is not the Learning of Facts….
But the Training of the Mind to Think….”
                                                                                                    – Albert Einstein

My heart swells with immense pride to see the various miles stones that this school has crossed over the period of time and has now reached a bar of unstoppable progress under the able stewardship of our management. We, very clearly, define our roles and responsibilities to meet the 21st century needs. It gives immense pleasure to present this factual document of our school to appraise you all, how the mission and philosophy of our school have materialized positively in the day to day working of our school since its inception on the …..… and how the school has placed itself, extraordinarily, in the voyage of the discovery of excellence in the field of education. Today the school has visibly been able to make its mark in the town. 
The Journey as we move forward… 

With the completion of 9 years of our journey together, we have met challenging incidents, and crossed various target. With education 4.0 the school is deliberately taking the path which was “less trodden” with the aim to bring in innovations in the field of education to make the school life satisfying and complete learning experience for the students.

In terms of statistics also the strength of the faculty members and students has increased by manifolds. PIET family, today, comprises of …… optimistic and motivated teaching staff, 5 Non-teaching staff, …. drivers, 25 maids. The bus fleet moved to 15 this session..
 At the moment the school is in the mode of some renovation so that it can be equipped with all the latest amenities in the best interest of the children.
Curriculum and activities has been designed in a manner so as to give the maximum benefit to children. The last year saw varied events and happenings that touched us, inspired us and taught us. All year through the whole school team continued to put efforts towards quality improvement in every aspect of our work. Now its time for a quick overview of the passing academic year with its various highlights and special events. Already intense efforts are in line in preparing them for the next year.

“A heart filled with aspirations is all that we knew since the very existence of the school and that's what gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavors. This report is comprised of the achievements made during the year gone by and at the same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come.”

1. As a regular practice followed every year, this session began with the Orientation Programme for the parents community to make them aware of the scheme of education we impart here at our school.

2. Keeping ourselves up with the pace of the modern world, Complete Digitization of the school was undertaken which transformed the entire school chores channel through the Information Technology, bringing in more transparency and enhanced communication with parents and community.

3. It gave innumerous advantages to the parents, teachers and the school itself. Parents can keep a real-time track of the status of their child for Daily Attendance, Fee status, Periodic Results, School Circulars and News, etc. through the SCHOOL APP on Android and Apple mobiles and through the WEB PORTAL. They have a direct access to communicate with the Class-Teacher for regular update of their child through the provision of Communicate in our Portal. Parents and teachers have been brought closer as this software provide a direct upload of the daily homework on the online portal parallel to what's given in the classroom, so that parents too are apprised of the daily homework given in classroom and the same can be enforced at the parents' end too.

4. As a new endeavour, we took a giant leap in the examination procedure this year by replacing the conventional regime of manually prepared Reports-cards by the teachers with Computer Generated Report-Cards. 

5 With the sole purpose of updating teachers' knowledge, the school hosted a series of Teachers' Workshops. It was an attempt which inclusively engulfed various significant aspects like Moral Values, Life Skills, Meditation & Stress Management, English Language and Mathematics. Apart from this, our teachers are made a part of the training sessions and workshops happening at other schools or organized by experienced trainers. Our teachers attended various workshops, like NURTURING EARLY CHILDHOOD workshops on various ACADEMIC SUBJECTS. Attendee teachers further share the knowledge with other fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom.

6. To take part is what counts in competition and lessons of victory and defeat are what we get in return. This environment was sufficiently created through inter-school, inter-house and inter-class competitions such as debates, Vad-Vivaad Pratiyogita, Shlok Competition, Quiz, Rangoli, Declamation, Creative-Writing, Spelling-Bee, Rhyme and Rhythm, Drawing and Power-Point competitions. Our students took part in various inter-school and zonal level Competitions and brought laudable laurels to the school.

7. Since the last two years, we are making our students take the first taste of democracy and leadership qualities elected members got their badges pinned on Investiture Ceremony.

8. Mid of January witnessed a magnanimous evening where the school celebrated its class show Programme – EHSAAS(A Step Towards Realization) which gave the students an amazing opportunity to showcase their potential.

9. Promoting the harmony across all communities, Special Assemblies are conducted on a regular basis where all the Festivals irrespective of the religion & following are fondly celebrated.

10. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. PIET Sanskriti School has always taken that extra step to make the students believe in that.The Sports department organized a series of Inter House indoors and outdoors tournaments for the games of chess, carom, football and netball throughout the year. There has been an increase in participation and achievements in Athletics, Football and Tennis outside the school arena, such as inter school and state level events.
The year 2019-20 added another attraction to the curriculum in the form of Monday Clubs(previously on Wednesdays) for classes I-VIII comprising of the Dance,Music ,Cooking,Abacus,Calligraphy Club.

The school persistently seeks out innovative ways to develop the holistic personality of the children in order to give them an edge over the other in the cut throat competitive world along with keeping them firmly in align with the culture and values of our country for which our generations have been proud.  Deciding the right school for your child is the most crucial decision every parent has to make and we are so full of gratitude for making your most important investment with us. We ensure you that your ward will receive the right amalgamation of knowledge and values here in the most pleasurable manner. You will witness the knowledge and values gain here will enshrine upon them throughout their life.