Homework Policy


At PIET Sanskriti School we follow Progressive education systems and are gradually moving to a less boxed-up approach to education. The ‘no homework’ policy has been a default mechanism and is being implemented diligently for our Classes I and II. We strive to imbibe a scientific temperament, the spirit of inquiry, the ability to look at multiple viewpoints, to collaborate amongst other skills. All children have the right to a happy and carefree childhood which paves the way for a more meaningful and productive adulthood. Hence, we want students to indulge more in sports, inculcate hobbies or simply play. We truly believe in providing opportunities to children where they can spend time on more fruitful activities such as learning extracurricular skills, spending time with family and friends, reading for pleasure, and more. These have many far-reaching benefits that many can’t see right away. Instead of assigning homework we have adopted project-based learning methods, where students engage in concrete hands-on experiences in the form of experiential units. Subjects such as the sciences, humanities, social sciences, art, literature, poetry and music all come together as integrated units and are taught with the help of class activities, stories and practical experiences. Students work with real-life experiences and become the leaders of their own learning.