Creative Activity



We strive to provide the best amalgamation of scholastic and co-scholastic world to our learners. The school calendar is full of interesting activities which are planned keeping the academic and co-curricular set of courses in mind. Students participate whole heartedly in intra-class, inter-class and inter-house activities. The main thrust of activities is to promote the development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the students including physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual aspects.

The school has something in it for everybody and through its dazzling mix of co-curricular activities; it is committed to keep alive the legacy of our unexampled heritage and culture. We ensure that children get opportunity to face the challenges of life by participating in competitions at different levels.


  1. LITERARY AND INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITIES- are meaningfully organized with the range of competitions like speech, recitation, Story Telling, Calligraphy Competition Math’s quiz and Science quiz and so on.
    • Frequent field trips, practical experiences, and hands-on learning approach.
    • Visits to planetariums, zoos, manufacturing units and places of importance for real-world exposure.
    • Learning Kits for Science, Mathematics, and Robotics
    • Public Speaking
    • Training in Yoga & Meditation, Martial Arts and Sports for physical fitness and overall well-being
    • In-house publications- (Students Magazine)’PRAYAAS’
  4. SUMMER CAMP -To utilize the summer vacations of students fruitfully, every year we organize a summer camp in the school. It has received encouraging accolades both from parents as well as from students. Activities like indoor and outdoor games, art and craft, cooking, dancing, music, calligraphy are offered during the summer camp. These activities bring out the hidden potentials of students and help them to develop their personality.
  5. NIGHT CAMP-The school organizes an overnight camp every year. It includes an array of challenging activities like Tent Pitching, Flying Fox, Hot Air Balloon etc. The camp is fun for kids and strengthens comradeship, sense of responsibility, values of sharing and caring & quality of independence.


Kaleidoscope of Infinite Variety


Some Unforgettable starry evenings of PIET Sanskriti

  1. First Annual Function was dedicated to the theme ‘Lord Krishna’ 2012 to connect with the almighty. Life journey of lord kanha was dramatized brilliantly by kids.
  2. Second Annual Function theme ‘Silver Screen’ 2014 was to honour and appreciate the radiant minds for exceeding expectations with their efficient and effective performances but also a brilliant attempt was made to pay tribute to many legendry stars of Bollywood .
  3. Third Annual Function theme ‘Zamboree’ 2015 was chosen to honor the silent entertainers of our society. Our theme is dedicated to the plight of the artist of circus and how these valiant hearts never fail to put a smile on millions of fces.
  4. Fourth Annual Function with the theme “Rudra” Dedicated to LORD SHIVA- An endeavor has been made by the young devotees to behold the majestic grandeur of one of the greatest lords by showcasing a series of dance presentations beautifully woven into a story line depicting the life of lord of brilliance. An effort has been made by young Pietians to show their unshakable devotion to our beloved lord of Excellence.