Achievement in Arts

Activities Achievements in Arts
poster making inter school
best out of waste pen inside school
Christmas bookmark making 1 to 5 kids made cute santa and Christmas bookmark
puppet making 3 to 5 kids throughly enjoyed making puppets
flower making 1 to 5 kids made different paper flowers
toran making 1 and 2 kids used their creativity to make different torans
candle decoration pre primary small kids of pre primary used their creativity to decorate candles
Art hunt 6 to 8 kids made beautiful scenes
Rangoli 6 to 8 kids revived our culture by making traditional rangolis
Diya Decoration 1 to 5 kids decorated terracotta diyas to give a brand new look
Lamp making 6 to 8 kids used paper and cardboard to make beautiful lamps
Rakhi Making 1 to 8 and pre primary kids made beautiful handmade rakhis
Collage Making 1 and 2 kids made collage on different social topics
Slogan Writing 6 to 8 kids wrote creative slogans on social media
Mask making 6 to 8 kids made cute and funky party masks