Best Nursery School in Panipat

Why PIET is the Best Nursery School in Panipat?

PIET Sanskriti Schools are the pioneers in transforming learning with EDUCATION 4.0 curriculum. We have truly changed the way lessons were conducted through plethora of structural changes. Education 4.0 offers students with various e-learning devices and creative modules of studying, thus making learning more engaging, improved and meaningful. The concept encourages non-traditional thinking and essentially uses technology-based tools and resources to drive education in non-traditional ways. Through this approach, PIET Sanskriti Schools aim to appreciate the individuality of every single student and their own pace of learning. We believe that providing a personalized way of teaching will have a greater impact on students to achieve their outcomes easily.

Smart classes, CCTV surveillance, modern labs are usually found in every other schools these days. But what’s the most special feature of our school is the “Impartus Lecture Capture System”. We provide have the facility of live lecture recordings which can be later seen by the parents and students respectively. So if your child has remained absent on any given day or your child wants to hear the lecture again, they can simply re-visit the concerned lecture via an app on the phone.

Besides offering a positive campus life, we ensure to follow effective instructional practices, offer a variety of reading opportunities, make use of varied assessment tools and we carefully designate instructional time on each activity. We an exploratory and open approach for investigating pupils’ perceptions.

Following the education 4.0 approaches including live lecture recordings, Flip Classrooms, AI Based assessment system, we have strived to be the best pre primary schools in Panipat.