How we Balance Homework


Homework helps students become self-directed, independent learners and improves academic achievements. We believe homework should enhance learning while allowing a balanced life. Homework assignments are purposeful, relevant, and designed to support student learning. Parents are encouraged to take an interest in the homework activities of their children and provide conditions that are conducive to good study habits.

So far as possible, homework is adjusted to the goals, abilities, and interests of students. Some students may require more time for study than others, and different subjects require different amounts of homework. Therefore, the amount of homework per day may vary.

English Department Homework Policy

In the English Department, homework is purposeful and often a continuation of classwork. Grades are often based on short term, mid-range, and long-term assignments, so some assignments will require time at home to complete. Attendance, full engagement in class, and utilizing class time efficiently is directly correlated to the amount of homework a student may need to complete. Students are encouraged to read 30 minutes a nigh. Homework is not typically assigned on holidays or weekends except as needed for projects or if students have missing work due to absences. Unless students have an IEP, late work will receive partial credit.


Daily math homework will typically be assigned including on Fridays and should take on average 15 minutes for 6th graders, 15 minutes for 7th graders, and 20 minutes for 8th graders. Homework will not be assigned over holiday breaks. Any class work not completed in class is expected to be completed by the students in addition to their assigned homework.

Late Work Policy: Teachers may take off partial credit for late assignments. Homework is important to practice/learn new mathematical concepts, so it is important that students complete assigned homework, even if it is late.

Science Department Homework Policy

In the Science Department, we believe work should be purposeful. The majority of learning will occur during class time in collaborative groups. Assignments vary in terms of length and complexity. Attendance, full engagement in class, and utilizing class time efficiently is directly correlated to the amount of work a student may need to complete outside of class. Some assignments may need to be completed at home.


We believe that homework is an important part of the educational program and should be assigned on a regular basis. Our policy is that homework should help students become self-directed, independent learners and improve their academic achievements. Our homework assignments will be appropriate to the developmental level of students will be used for enrichment, reinforcement, and extension of school experiences. The amount of time usually required to complete homework assignments will gradually increase from 6th to 8th grade.

Students who are absent from class will be held academically accountable for all work missed. Students should coordinate with the teacher regarding the material covered, assignments, and other academic work that may have been missed during their absence. Work that was assigned prior to the absence and due on the day of the absence will be expected to be turned in when the student returns to school. The teacher may give you more time for completing missed work if there are mitigating circumstances.