The school frequently organizes guest lectures, seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and career counselling sessions by trained counsellors and experts from varied fields for the students in order to enhance their knowledge, learn various skills and to give them an opportunity to choose the best and the apt career option.


In addition to a rich and diverse academic curriculum, the school also focuses on fulfilling the social-emotional needs of every student. We are committed to developing intrinsically motivated, self-aware members of the global community. Our conflict resolution and character development is founded on the belief that all members in our community are to strive towards being active, accountable members of society who are able to reflect on their errors and grow from their mistakes. We believe that the only way to grow is through making mistakes. The importance of developing the self-awareness is to realize that behavior is a choice, and learning, to control one’s own ability to learn, which is the pivotal growth point here.